Politico album by Everett Watson

Everett Watson


20 AUGUST 2021

Produced by CHRIS KIMSEY

Track Listing

1. Everything  (4.34)
2. New Love  (3.58)
3. Battles   (3.37)
4. Carrianne  (3.25)
5. Equator   (5.26)
6. Politics  (4.33)
7. Cynical   (4.26)
8. We Found Heaven  (4.11)
9. You Rule Me  (2.59)

Politico album by Everett Watson


“Songs On the Hoof”

New album realeased by Undercover Music on
16 JULY 2021

Produced by CHRIS KIMSEY

Track Listing

1. Count Me Out  (3.24)
2. Give It Up  (3.46)
3. Never Give Up On You   (4.45)
4. Everything I Do  (4.21)

Politico album by Everett Watson



New album released by UNDERCOVER MUSIC on
4 JUNE 2021
Produced by CHRIS KIMSEY

New single “POLITICO” released
4 JUNE 2021

Stream the single on CD/DIGITAL from

The title track Politico is inspired by the political nature of the world and the challenges we face with two sides struggling to unite as one. Chris Kimsey decided to contact Peter Frampton to ask if he would play lead guitar on the song Politico and Peter happily agreed.

In addition to the title track, the album continues with several songs that contain political overtones and inspiration. The first song on the album Black Sheep tells the story of a conservative talk show host and her ability to provide twist, spin, and alternative facts for her conservative followers.

Next comes the song Beware which gives a warning to all about the highly political nature of the messages conveyed by our political leaders and the press.

Rome Is Burning follows and continues with the theme of how autocratic trends in government can lead to the end of personal freedoms and liberties.

Last Man Down” tells the story of a U.S Soldier during the Afghanistan war and his struggle to stay alive and make his back home to his beloved family.

The song Diamonds Never Rust is less political and is more of a love song about how true love can prevail the test of time just as diamonds do.

It’s Such A Shame discusses the damages that we as the human race are doing to our planet in the form of pollution, disease, overpopulation, and deforestation.

Finally, the album concludes with Can’t Stop Loving You which is a look at true love and how it can inspire us all and give us the drive and determination to overcome obstacles and move forward in life.

Track Listing

1. Black Sheep  (3.38)
2. Beware  (3.18)
3. Rome Is Burning   (3.47)
4. Last Man Down  (2.55)
5. Politico   (3.39)
6. Diamonds Never Rust  (3.42)
7. It’s Such A Shame   (3.41)
8. Can’t Stop Loving You  (3.09)